October 15, 2011#

Amazing skill and talent!  I wish I was in drumline…

October 6, 2011#

Lesson learned: you can make music from anything…anything!

September 30, 2011#

Nike ads are awesome.  Adidas ads not so much, but this Adidas ad is got me pretty excited (I’m always rooting for Adidas over Nike, I desperately want Adidas to be just as cool), but at the end I saw the shoe their trying to sell.  It’s ugly.  Come on Adidas! Contract a designer from Nike or something.

Lesson learned: a good ad can only do so much for an inferior product.


September 30, 2011#

Anger & Creativity



I just read two interesting blog posts about anger and creativity.  Both blogs say that you can’t be both angry and creative, but the second link says that a person who enters into an angry state is more likely to be more productive and creative than a non-angry person for a short period of time.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t be a permanent angry grump, but get angry often for creativity’s sake!


September 30, 2011#

Wow. Presidential campaign ads just got real legendary.

Lesson Learned: bring the drama and people will watch and listen.

September 29, 2011#